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It’s been a very interesting past few weeks. I went for a short visit to the U.K., but ended up staying 3 weeks. It went from a quick trip, to a great chance for me to experience yet another group of people. As most writers/artists know, travel and new surroundings tend to help with the creative process; and I was definitely surrounding myself with interesting venues.

Maidstone was a nice, quaint little town; Gravesend was a wonderful experience, including one of the oldest pubs in the area, as well as the grave of Pocahontas, complete with a beautiful church; but my favorite was definitely Rochester. The Rochester Cathedral, Rochester Castle, and the beautiful streets still filled with buildings that Charles Dickens wrote about. It was quite inspiring as a writer to walk the same streets as Mr. Dickens, and see the Swiss Chalet where he wrote A Tale of Two Cities (my personal favorite), Great Expectations, Our Mutual Friend, and The Mystery of Edwin Drood. But to top it off, I was able to walk the streets of London, discovering the beautiful history of the city, as well as the dark. Walking along the River Thames, I felt like a little kid, walking through the London Film Museum, then the Globe Theatre, across the Tower Bridge, then onward to the Tower of London, walking the same streets as Jack the Ripper, the supposed Mrs. Lovett & Sweeney Todd, and Charles Chaplin. All of this travel has given me the opportunity to sit back, soak in my surroundings, and put them down through melody and pen. Hopefully something great comes of it, right?? One can only hope!

All of that being said, yes, I’ve had a great month traveling back and forth from the U.K. and Europe… As an artist, I can only hope that these experiences will make me a better songwriter, then ultimately a better singer and performer. Let’s cross our fingers as new doors open and shut, and I continue to walk down this interestingly dark and frightening corridor known as the music industry.


  1. Liked your comments. Pray for you daily for God to watch over you and that you will become the person he created you to be. Best wishes I love you.

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  3. Excellent article Taylor. You have such incredible talent and insight for one so young. Don’t ever give up on your dreams. When you start giving up on them, you stop living. Love you!


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